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25 augusti – 17 september
Nadja Uhno, skulptur

Born 1974 in Bratislava
Has studied History of art and languages at different universities in Slovakia, Sweden and England
Has exposed her art in several collective Exhibitions.
Works and studies in Stockholm and other places in Sweden

I have always been fascinadted by water and its manifold shapes and faces. Its swift changes that naked human eye can't catch and its presence - powerful yet fleeting. I have been longing to give water a face, to help it to express itself in different environments. That's why I create faces through which water flows and basins in which water can gather and continue its circulation.
My greatest inspiration has been the garden of Villa d'Este where fountains create one of the most picturesque and rich settings I have ever seen. Where water and stone collaborate and invite the grateful vegetation to fullfill the work of art - collaboration between human thought, flow of time and the eternal resilience of nature.

The sculpture - the petrified work of art is enlivened by the ever changing flow of water. My vision is to create the invididual fountain-masques that suit in a green corner of a garden or a home, a basin to hold water or to put a plant into. My wish is that whoever comes to face one of my creations will get a feeling of havig met the face that water or plant life wants to express in that particular place.
Another of my sources of inspiration are mediaeval churches and cathedrals with their stone universe. I among so many pilgrims and visitors have marwelled at the saints givig so generously benediction to all passers by at the same time as crowds of gargoyles make you wonder and smile at mediaeval ingenuosity full of warmth and humor. I have made small home gargoyles that can be hung under the roof, outside or inside, that will hopefully invite those with good intentions and scare the rest.
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